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Morning Routine.

It is 6:30 AM.  My alarm is ringing.  This would be my third alarm that went off on my phone, but it is my first one that I turn off consciously.

What would happen if I didn’t get out of bed this morning?
Why in the world am I alway so tired?
Is this how it is going to be for the rest of my life?

I get out of bed and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Did I really read about a lady in Moscow that walked into the metro station with a severed head of a child that she was babysitting?
How are the parents dealing with their grief?
Didn’t the babysitter also burn the apartment down before fleeing the scene?
What am I wearing today?
Is it going to be too cold for the outfit I laid out?

I check the weather and change my clothes.

Did Daniel wake up in time for work?
What are the dogs doing now?
Is Mindy taking advantage of an empty house and lounging on the couch?
What should I eat for breakfast?

I go downstairs and I eat my breakfast of yogurt with strawberries and oatmeal.

Why is my sister texting me about wedding dress shopping so early in the morning?
When is Easter weekend?
Will mom be able to make it up to Atlanta that weekend?
What is she doing now?
Do I have time for some coffee?

I drink half a cup of coffee.

Will Cheryl be on time for my observation today?  
Do I have all the materials that I need?  
Will my students show interest in what I have prepared for them?
What will I do if they tell me that they are bored like they did last week?
What time is it?

I grab my keys, tote, and cellphone, and I walk out the door.



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