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Fable 2.10.16: The Young Flower and the Rain

As the clouds rolled in, the rain began to fall.
“Why must you take the sun away from me, rain?” said the young flower.
“It is not in my control, flower,” said the rain.  “I only land where the sky drops me.”
“But you are crinkling my petals” cried the young flower.  “And you are weighing me down.”
“But don’t you see, young flower?” said the rain. “You and I must be destined for one another.”
“If this is destiny,” declared the young flower, “I want nothing to do with it.  Please, bring back the warmth of the sun.”

Suddenly, the rain no longer replied.  The skies cleared, and the sun shone down on the young flower once again.

“Oh, how I missed you!” exclaimed the young flower to the sun. “The rain wreaked havoc on my nerves and my posture.”
“But don’t you see, young flower?” asked the sun. “Don’t you see that you now stand much taller and much stronger?”
“Perhaps…” replied the young flower.  And upon more reflection with its encounter with the rain, the young flower understood.

The moral of the story is that there must be some rain in order to grow.